Old Café (Debut EP)


Image of Old Café (Debut EP)

Mollie's debut EP 'Old Café' available for pre-order now!

Limited to just 200 worldwide. Each pre-ordered CD will come with a personalised thank you letter from Mollie herself. xo

1. Give It Up
(Written by Mollie Ralph + GEORGIE)
2. Old Café
(Written by Mollie Ralph + GEORGIE)
3. Nightwalker
(Written by Mollie Ralph)
4. Over & Over
(Written by Mollie Ralph)

Give It Up, Nightwalker + Over & Over Recorded + Mixed by David Stanley at ROFL Audio Recording.
Old Café Recorded + Mixed by GEORGIE How Courtesy of Soul Kitchen.
EP Mastered by Hamish Dickinson at Phoenix Sound Recording Studio.
Music Performed by Mollie Ralph, Joe Jackson, Paul Sumner, John Thompson, GEORGIE, Jason Hart, Barry Lee and Jared Harding.

Made in the UK.